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Beer are the champions

Munich Brewer’s day 2016

Sometimes, you act on a spur of the moment and you discover fate has a plan for your life.

And so it was then, that I made a spur of the moment decision to get off at  Odeanplatz U-Bahn station instead of my original intended destination of Karlplatz. There was no particular reason apart from a inkling to get out here when the train stopped.

As I walked up the steps, It was to my delight that I discovered a mini beer festival was going on: “München Brauertag 2016”. They had representatives from all the major Munich brewers – Paulaner, Lowenbrau, Augusteiner, Spaten etc with many of the locals all dressed up for the part.

Thinking to myself, “When in Roam, do as the Roamans do” so I must now now have a beer.

As I went to pay, the assistants waived me away saying “Nein” so I thought they were closed. However, I then understood what they were telling me – it was a FREE beer festival.  Yohooo !!!!! What an excellent welcome to Munich. Wunderbar! I found out that 4,000 litres of beer are given away free.

Oh, and if you are thinking of going for 2017. Don’t. It occurs every two years so next one is 2018.

Cravings for Spargelzeit

An Asparagus Queen : Source BBC news

It’s spring time and I am craving Asparagus.

This time of year has me thinking about “Spargel zeit” in Germany where in many restaurants in Germany from Mid-April to June, you will see special items on the menu celebrating fresh Asparagus. Note that the Germans prefer white asparagus over the green asparagus that Americans eat.

I remember visiting Augsburg and finding a restuarant that had dedicated “Spargel Fest” menu of nothing but Asparagus items. Multiple soups, appetizers and main courses. I had Spargel mit schinken accompanied with a good Hefeweizen.

If you are in Munich, check out the viktualienmarkt to see some traditional food grocers – see the picture. Just look how fresh it looks.

Buying fresh asparagus at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt.

Still hungry for more, here is a discussion by an Austrialan lady on Spargel Fest. It contains a good recipe for Asparagus soup or Spargelcremesuppe as it is known over there.

To add our 2 Eurocents on best way to cook ’em : The best way is to blanche it but shave them with a European vegetable peeler first.

Munich : Quick guide

A collegue is going to Munich for business but will have some free time including a weekend there. He asked for recommendations to do.

This article is going live to help him out where I was monkeying with google maps anyhow. Click on an item to see what it looks like.

A-Frauenkirche, B-Viktualienmarkt, C –Sankt Peter Kirchen, D-Hofbräuhaus München and E-Hofgarten are all close to each other and you can walk here. The Viktualienmarkt is best seen on Saturday morning. Not on the map, but you can also wander down Kaufingerstrasse or go North up Ludwigstrasse where there are plenty of shops, bars and cafes.

F Englischer Garten is famous for its nude sunbathers but has 3 beer gardens, the famous one is near the Chinese Tower.

H Hauptbahnhof doesn’t sound like much of a place to visit but on Sundays, this is probably best place to shop. If you are looking for great snacks, this is a good place to come to.

G Olympiapark go up the tower and I BMW Museum and great to wander around where BMW museum is a favorite for car buffs.

J Deutsches Museum if you are into science, is somewhere where you can while away hours.

K Maximilianeum

L Oktoberfest München – not much to see here when it is not a festival

M New Town Hall

N Munich Residenz

O Königsplatz

P Siegestor

Q Bavarian State Opera

R Nymphenburg Palace – a bit out of town but you can catch tram or bus there.

Munich tourist board

Munich Found – English speaking magazine: What’s on etc

Outside Munich, there are other attractions to consider – see maps below. These can be accessed by car or train.

Typical attractions are Neuschwanstein Castle (B), Chiemsee (I), Gamish-Partenkirchen (D), Dachau (Q) on the map.