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Roads-2-Roam.com | TRAVEL PORTAL: 'We came, We saw, We sent a postcard'

“Love shack”

I really didn’t see forsee I’d be posting about this. I had recently posted about B52’s and how I’d love ultimately to have ‘Roam’ as our theme tune, so since I was on youtube, I watched the video to “Love Shack”.

I realized, I’d never seen it before.  While I love this song to bits, what is up with the goat twerking in the beginning of the video?

B52's : Love Shack

“Roam if you want to, Roam around the world.”

We have a vision that someday, ‘Roam’ will be a player on the main stage of travel information.

If we ever make it and we have 25 cents for the virtual record machine, we would like THIS song to be our theme tune.

Ever since Augustus was a spotty student oink learning the art of Electronic Engineering, he has been a fan of the B52’s after being introduced to “Rock Lobster”. Later on the the B52’s songs “Love Shack” and “Roam”, were very popular dance songs of many student parties.

After he left college and his immature youth behind, Augustus progressed into his immature mid 20’s where he listened to Ms Pierson singing on REM’s “Shinney happy people” in yet more parties.

So here I am today: No more student parties and their antics but have fond memories of them and the B52’s. Take it away Kate..

B52's : ROAM

Legal Note:
1) Warner Bros, Rhino Entertainment, the B52s or REM DO NOT endorse Roads-2-Roam.com but we can continue to wish.

2)  No animals were hurt during the making of that video or during the typing of this post.

The Roam’n Forum

The Forum is where Roam’ns comment, give advice and contribute to our travel information Empire. While the staff may be wary of visiting during the Ide’s of March, it is the place for Roam’n Citizens meet and interact.

We actively encourage participation. Indeed, the more you contribute, the more your status will increase.  The ultimate rank is a Senator. What is more  is that on our own discretion, we will honor notable forum members with a good old fashioned triumph through the virtual streets of Roam. Hey, how many other websites offer that !

The Views from Roam

The characters who run ‘Roam’ are the Roam’n Emperors. All of them have a Roam’n day job on this site, since it is not all lounging around eating grapes you know.

Being Emperors, we are opinionated and in some cases, even August.

Views from Roam‘ captures their wisdom and thoughts.

  • Hadrian Wall : Runs the blog site and main communications.
  • Trajans’ Column : Trajan is our thinker and runs our editorial.
  • The Rubicon: Managed by Julius – adventurer and travel editor.
  • Cleopatra:  Commetator of life who is as sharp as a needle.
  • iClaudius: Travel technology and reviewer.

Finally, we have Augustus. Being Primus, he is first among equals. He mainly runs stuff behind the scenes but occassionally, you’ll see him sticking his Roam’n nose in things.

Roam’s Travel Library

As we said, ‘Roam’ is all about Travel information. The main categories of information that Roam’ns look for are information on destinations; transportation and accommodation.  However, there are other types of information that we need to read about on a lesser basis such as currencies, travel health, visas to how to access internet abroad. Roam intends to cover it all.

Roam stores our information in our “Roam’s Library“: You will see it as an item in the top menu. The library is run by Alexandria.

Introduction to Roam

Roads-2-Roam.com (lovingly known as ‘Roam’) is a online community about Travel Information.

Our audience are fellow RoamansThat makes you all Roaman Citizens.

Together we form the Roaman Empire.

“We came. We saw. We conquered sent a post card.”

The Call Girl

Hotel-bedPhone10:10 pm : Telephone rings loudly. I answer with a Sleepy “Hello?”

A chirpy voice says : “This is front desk calling to see if everything is alright with your room sir?”

I am astounded and think to myself ‘You just woke me up just because of THIS? Some Corporate idjiot’s brilliant idea to improve customer satisfaction is to call up the room four hours after someone has checked in? Great idea on paper but… !’

I think about giving her a piece of my mind but realize it is not her fault. I simply say ” Yes. Goodnight” and hang up.

I am now wide awake. Brilliant

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