London stalling : Flights around South England in Chaos after computer failure

BBC news is reporting that flights around London are grounded due to a computer failure at UK control center.

Nats confirmed a “technical problem” at its Swanwick control centre in Hampshire and said airspace remained opened but restricted.

It said “every possible action” was being taken to resolve the issue.

Heathrow reported delays and Gatwick said all its departing flights had been grounded. Other UK airports reported knock-on effects.

It appears incoming flights can land but some maybe diverted.

Even when things are running, fridays are horrible at London airports so I can only imagine how miserable this is making fellow Roamans as this is going to back up everything. Urgh.

For those stuck at Heathrow terminal 5, well at least your luggage is staying with you even if it is going nowhere quickly. The other positive is that this didn’t happen over the peak holiday time which starts next weekend.




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