What’s in a name? Name apparently gets person denied access into US

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” says the children’s nursery rhyme.

Those in ICE appear to have not heeded that advice and when a certain Madame Aida from France wanted to fly to US with her family, she was denied entry to board the plane in Switzerland and had to return back to France. [source]

The problem it seems was Madame’s first name in her passport: Alić (which is pronounced as Alitch). Her speculation for the reason for being on the no fly list is that “Alić Aida” is being read as “Al Qaeda” !

This is incredible if true.

When Roads-2-Roam  attempted to contact her husband, Monsieur Ben Louden, he was unavailable for comment.

[Disclosure: we made the last sentence up.] 




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