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We see you when you’re sleeping, we KNOW when you’re awake: Insurance companies in UK want to install black boxes in cars

Daily Mail Article on Black Box requirements by insurance companies

screen dump of the Daily Telegraph article on Black Box requirements by insurance companies

5 /18/14 : Britain’s Daily Telegraph contains an interesting piece on the future of ‘Black Box’ mandates for UK drivers. They are saying that within 10 years the black box will by default be ‘opt in’ to benefit from cheaper insurance. If you want to opt out, then you will pay a premium for it.

We are Roads-2-Roam are dismayed by this trend. The insurance companies already make risks based on your credit score. Will they drop that once you have the black boxes in there? We bet on the “no” answer.

We think such black boxes will be slower roll out in the US compared to US but the trend has already started with companies such as Progressive testing the waters.

They claim their data will not be shared but we are very skeptical of that. We believe your driving datalog will follow you. Just like your online habits, it is too powerful a marketing tool to map your lifestyle. Want to know how many times you drive to McDonalds ?Want to know what what Store you shop at and how often? Let’s ask Geico.

Not only that but we see negative side to this. Just witness what is happening about mobile phone data collection when stopped by certain US police forces. Will the now pull that data to see who has ever gone over the speed limit? Afterall, it is common knowledge that driving violations are more about raising revenue rather that safety deterrent.

In US, your access to driving may also be linked to academic performance. Is this really the role of Government?

So where do we see this ending -Driverless cars. Yep, if the computer is driving for you then probability of crashing (in theory), is low.  Low probability of crashing = no need for insurance ! Bye bye suckers. Now as for protecting where you are driving to, guess who is a leader in driverless cars: Google.

Now they wouldn’t do anything with that data would they?

DRIVER: Open the pod doors Google.

CAR: I am sorry, Dave. I am afraid I can’t do that.


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