Traveling across the Dating Line

It’s just a date

Look at the Southwest flight mag “The Magazine” and one thing you see every month is the adverts to hook people up.

The idea is to appeal to the successful road warrior who is too busy with their career and lifestyle to meet the person of their dreams.

Hey that’s no problem, the ladies with the perfect teeth at “Hey let’s hook you up” will arrange your perfect match.

Really busy? then they can do it over lunch where you get to meet other similar time challenged people.

Except if you are that busy with business travel, this is not exactly the foundation for a stable and loving relationship.

Over the years, I’ve talked to a few seasoned business travelers and many have lost their marriages over their excessive travel. I know of one who on the weekend he split up from his wife, he got a Southwest Companion pass in the mail.

More recently, I was sitting next to a Management Consultant on his way to Detroit who hated the travel (14 days away each time 4 days at home) and being away from his new wife but he couldn’t get another job that paid as well. He was a prisoner of his own lifestyle.

I also know of others on the other side of business travel relationship. One colleague in particular is resentful of being a single spouse during the working week. She has a full time job as well as running the kids around for school and running the house. When her husband comes back Friday for the weekend, he just wants to see his house and relax. It is a divorce waiting to happen.

If I was a Divorce Lawyer, then advertising in the in flight magazine is your perfect audience. My slogan would be “JUST DESSERTS: Too busy for your relationship, then call the Platinum Status Divorce club.”


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