Thumbs up : United and Intercontinental Boston

R2R thumbs up

Earlier this week, a friend of Roam was checking onto a United plane to go to Boston. He was traveling with his wife for  long awaited vacation.

Just before boarding, he got a call that told him that his mother in law was being rushed to hospital.

He explained it to United and due to the medical emergency, they fully credit both airfares. Similarly, so did their Hotel Intercontinental Boston.

No fuss, no drama. Good on you United and Intercontinental: A Roads-2-Roam thumbs up.

It is refreshing to hear about good customer service.

The Intercontinental Boston has a positive recommendation from Roads-2-Roam where Augustus stayed there in early June 2014. They allowed an early (l pm) check in.

The best thing about it was the fantastic views looking back over Boston. Highly memorable. So much so, we slept with the curtains open to take in the view.

The water taxi from the Hotel, is another recommendation. See our photographs.

The nightime view of Boston harbor from Boston Intercontintal Hotel.

The nighttime view of Boston harbor from Boston Intercontinental Hotel.


Photo of Boston taken from the River Taxi from Intercontinental Hotel

Photo of Boston taken from the River Taxi from Intercontinental Hotel


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