The Money Pit

Capturing that sinking feeling at the National Corvette Museum

They say “no such thing as bad publicity” which in the case of National Corvette Museum, it is true. To recap this is where a giant sink hole appears inside the museum and sucked down 8 cars that were valued at over $1 million. Not only that but some of those cars were on loan.

Now it seems the Museum has repaired itself and put the damaged cars as exhibits themselves. This exhibit has itself become a tourist magnet. From the Daily Mail:

In the gift shop, jars of sinkhole dirt and rocks fetch $10 apiece. Nearly 2,400 jars had sold through July. 

Wanda Cohen of Roswell, Georgia, had just posted a photo of a wrecked car on her Facebook page.

‘It’s like looking at the worst wrecks you’ve ever seen,’ she said.
For museum officials, the trick is to keep the site’s popularity from going in reverse now that visitors can’t gawk at the sinkhole. The museum cashed in on the giant chasm with record attendance and revenue in 2014.

Last year, the museum just off the interstate drew 251,258 visitors, easily topping the 150, 462 visitors in 2013. The museum’s prior record attendance was 200,900 in 1999. Through last month, attendance for 2015 was off just 2.5 percent compared to the first seven months of 2014, the museum said.



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