The Drive through hotel checkout

Dahlings, Have a dispute about your hotel bill? Maybe you should go down to the front desk and dispute it but the advice to get it resolved is remember to keep it civil.

Tell that to John Parsley who after apparently having his card being declined twice, he drove his pickup through the hotel lobby narrowly missing the front desk employees.


The hotel was the Alva Comfort Inn and Suites in Oklahoma. The driver was John Parsley, 62, of Gonzales, Texas, faces two felony counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of malicious injury to property over $1,000. Enidnews has the best details:

“We are No. 1 on TripAdviser, and we don’t have angry guests,” Christian said. “We make sure our guests are happy, but, this person, he was difficult to talk to and wouldn’t listen. He purposely drove through to kill front desk staff.”

In an interview with police, Parsley said he drove into the hotel because, “they thought he was bluffing, and he proved he wasn’t,” according to the report.

Number 1 on TripAdviser they say?

One review of Alva Comfort Inn and Suites

A review of Alva Comfort Inn and Suites

How more upscale can you get?

Road rage, air rage, now hotel rage : the march of humanity. Time for some Brawndo.

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