The Cemetery of Negativism sucks

Cemetery of Negativism : Camp John Hey, Baguio City

Cemetery of Negativism : Camp John Hey, Baguio City

As I took a Saturday walk around my hotel at Camp John Hays, I spotted a sign which said “Cemetery of Negativism”.

Cleo, you’ve got to see that I said you myself so up I climbed a horrible hill in hot humid conditions which brought me to the old Governor’s house. 60 pesos later, I am in the grounds looking around.

I eventually find the Cemetery and I am looking at the tombstones of cliches. What is ironic is that many of the plastic figures that are supposed to be there – for example on “It’s not possible” – had corroded away. How funny is that?

Anyhow, curiosity had killed my cat and I headed back off the my hotel for a shower.

My verdict of Cemetery of Negativism: A Load of rubbish  !

Hmm, I wonder if two negatives make a positive review..

Ciao for now,

PS: On the way back, I spied a baby statue of Liberty. And just like the one in New York City, cannot be freely accessed.



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