The best things in life are free

Shevans Park, Morehead NC

Shevans Park, Morehead NC. Not mentioned in any tourism document but it was a major hit with our kids

As mentioned previously, The Caesar family is on vacation in North Carolina. For our first week, we stayed at the Bask Hotel in Morehead. While we booked a double room intending for mainly Mr and Mrs Caesar and Caesar junior, the grown up first daughters and their families ended up staying a few nights.

While exploring the area around the hotel, we discovered a children’s playground, Shevans Park, which was a wooden Fort with plenty of ramparts, swings, slides and a sandbox for the kids to be kids. Our children loved it and wanted to return the next day and the next.

Funny thing is that you don’t see this mentioned on as a tourist attraction yet it was such a big hit. That is often the case with many of the simpler things in life like parks or natural attractions.

Another thing noted during this trip was the fact that North Carolina State parks don’t seem to charge admission. We visited Fort Macon and also the State park which has great beaches that with pavillions, restrooms and showers. You don’t even have to pay for parking. 

Fort Macon, North Carolina. Copyright Roads-2-Roam.

Fort Macon is very well kept and the visitor center is very spacious and clean. We enjoyed the exhibits and the replica guns.

Compared to Texas State parks, which do charge admission and our experience look dog eared, it was a refreshing change.

That had me thinking about sites such as Viator which are unlikely to tell you to go somewhere which is free – such as a day wandering around Hyde Park in London or Englischer Garden in Munich. If they do, it is part of a guided tour.

While we’ve nothing against a good guide, sometimes a true ROAMAN will just wander around and explore.

Coastal guns at Ford Macon

Coastal guns at Ford Macon. Copyright Roads-2-Roam


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