Taking the Mickey: Disneyland increases prices to over $1000

What to do with 35% ticket increase.

Hmm..What to do with a 35% ticket increase?

It’s that time of year again: The annual increase in Disneyland ticket prices and a 35% increase for an annual pass, has taken it over the $1000 price tag. They are also introducing their version of surge pricing which is one way to cull the sheep keep the crowds down but also maintain profits. The previous price increases have only led to higher attendance.

Disneyland (The one in California) have done away with their $779-a-year, “premium” pass and replaced it with two versions : One – “Signature plus” covers all year ($1049), the “signature” pass covers 350 days (minus coverage for peak periods around holidays) cost a mere $849.

Disney World (the one not in California) has  a “gold” pass with 335 days of access for $549. The full Monty (or equivalent without the Male stripers) is $829.

As what usually happens, people are taking the web to type their fury and disgust. One discussion group on DISboard is having a meltdown when asked “Will the annual pass price increase matter to you and your vacation plans”?

YUP!!! As will the TIW price increase. For the past several years we have been getting AP/PAP and TIW. We will get as many trips on the AP/TIW as we can. Then we won’t renew but wait until our next trip to buy a new AP or PAP and with the 2 special deals they offered that worked out well in our travel plans. After all these price increases, service degrading, park overcrowding…we decided to re-evaluate our DVC going style. We just sold 100/505 of our points. We decided we won’t get AP/PAP or TIW anymore. Our last trip, in Aug, we did a day at US that DH and our 3 teens really really enjoyed. We will use our remaining 405 DVC points as a timeshare only (like our friends who own a week at Vistana each year…they go down and do 2 days at US and just hang around Orlando doing other things and eating at local places). We may get 2 day non-hopper park passes for a trip every now and then. We are also sticking with off season times (though there really isn’t anymore off season at Disney, now is there?) like January and October. And we’ll probably use our 125 HHI points for HHI trips only (other 280 points for the Jan/Oct trips). Kids will all be in college soon so we’re past all the characters, parades, shows and all that and are looking for thrill rides (like US) and eating/drinking (which can be done cheaper off Disney property).  User: Lovin’Fl

I’ve no idea what they are talking about with their TIWs and AP/PAP but they don’t sound happy. Neither does  user “Mrs Milo”:

Yes we feel that way too. How can a young family afford the kind of vacation we took when we bought into DVC over 20 years ago? Okay, when Walt Disney opened Disneyland a family could afford to go….a few dollars to get in and then pay as you go for rides. When Epcot was being built, we bought Epcot commemorative tickets that were 3 days for $30 I believe that included MK and Epcot. The price increases are way beyond inflation, so how much longer can an average family afford to go? So instead of encouraging visits during slower times of the year by decreasing pricing, it’s no surprise they raise prices to help with “crowd control”.

There are also others who say it will not change their plans but they were rather boring responses.

So what are the alternatives to a big blow out at Disneyland. There are of course other theme parks or more wholesome non-commercial destinations but that would involve actually spending time with your kids. Some of the worst advice we found out there came from Marketwatch. Their alternative ideas instead of going to Disney are:

  1. Spend those four days in a national park : OK thumbs up for for that one.
  2. Invest in a 529 plan. Yawn. Try explaining that to a 4 year old without them bursting into tears.
  3. Pay for a resume-boosting experience. Seriously? Take your kids on a habitat for humanity holiday for a resume experience. They are likely to catch a tropical disease. If they cure themselves, then maybe that is a resume experience.
  4. Add more to your 401(k). Now you are talking serious miserville territory. Talk about building memories.
  5. A Caribbean or Mexico vacation. OK, we like that one also. $4K would get you a decent holiday.

Phew all this blogging is making us tired and now it’s time to close the post down. How about a song that we used last year?

Who’s the greediest of the club
That’s made for you and me

Hey there high there No there
You’re as welcome as can be

Makmor Money (Dontgiva Feck)
Makmor Money (Dontgiva Feck)
Forever let us hold our prices high (high, high, high!)
Now it’s time to say goodbye
To all our company

M-A-K, See you real soon
M-O-R, Why? Because we stiff you

Remember folks: It’s a small world after all.


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