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Failure to start : so called ‘insane travel kickstart’ ideas look like non-starters

Kickstarter proejct 'Air umbrella'.

Kickstarter proejct ‘Air umbrella’.

A marketing professional once gave me a bit of sage advice “Be careful of people who tell you there is niche in the market. Instead, you need to ask if there is then a market in the niche”.

I thought of this after reading this fox travel article – originally souced fromYahoo travel – “Insane travel Kickstarters we need right now” which proceeded to puff piece 10 project ideas currently seeking funding.

Proposal #1 Air Umbrella : ‘..battery-operated wand emits strong currents of air that repel the raindrops by creating a force field of sorts’.

Proposal #2 Chair-Pak : “full-size backpack has padded shoulder straps, four separate compartments, a soft cooler, connection loops, and an adjustable seat. So not only can this bag hold all of your stuff — but also you can sit on it! And if that wasn’t enough, certain versions of the bag are equipped with solar panels so that you can charge all of your devices.”. This doesn’t grab me – what is wrong with existing backpacks?

Proposal #3 Collar Perfect : ‘a pint-sized ironing device designed for the wrinkle-prone mover and shaker. All you do is plug in the iron and use it for quick touchups on your collars, pockets, pant creases, and hemlines.’ Really: Those who really care about this would just use/ borrow and iron. Continue reading..