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Tip Jarred

scroogeDahlings, Mariott Hotels are placing envelopes in rooms to tactfully remind you to tip the person who cleans your hotel room.

What splendid Chutzpah, Bill!  Emotionally blackmail your guests to compensate for you paying your workesr lsuch ow wages. I admire it.

Others however do not:

“It is not Marriott’s responsibility to remind customers to tip; it’s their responsibility to pay their workers enough so that tips aren’t necessary,” said author Barbara Ehrenreich, who tried working as a hotel maid for her 2001 book “Nickel and Dimed,” which chronicled her experiences in low-wage jobs.

Marriott’s Corporate 2014 Awards and Recognition are interesting in relationship to this tip envelope initiative. From Marriott.com  [Queue a drum role please]. Continue reading..