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Justice is not served : State Farms’s tortuous logic to deny paying out stinks

justice stinksJust when we thought we couldn’t be shocked any more by the shenanigans of big corporations, we read about State Farm Insurance denying a claim to a disabled man in a Motorized wheelchair who was hit by an SUV while crossing the road. The tortured argument that State Farm is using is that the wheelchair is a vehicle and as such needed, auto insurance. Because he had no auto insurance, he was illegally on the road and therefore, cannot make a claim.

From Bloomberg:

Two insurance companies have made an unusual argument in a Michigan case: They’re insisting that the drivers of motorized mobility scooters should be required to get the same insurance as car and truck owners.

The case involves the claims of a paralyzed man who was hit by an SUV while crossing the street on his way to a doughnut shop. The insurance companies’ position? Because the man didn’t have auto insurance on his scooter, they shouldn’t have to pay for any damage caused to him by the SUV.

The arguments by lawyers for State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance and Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan have produced a mix of outrage and snide commentary in Michigan legal circles. Some lawyers warn the case could impact many of the estimated 300,000 elderly and disabled people nationally who depend on motorized scooters and powered wheelchairs to get around.

Nevermind the fact that he was crossing the road and not driving on it.

Nevermind the fact under Michigan law 257.33 “Motor Vehicle” Defined, “Motor vehicle does not include an electric personal assistive mobility device.”)

Nevermind the fact that the police officer found the Jeep’s driver at fault and that the victim, Mr. Veness was listed as a pedestrian in the officers report.

This is a new low to the 3D approach of “Deny, Delay, Defend” as a way of not paying out. You Scumbags.