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EVA fall in love with someone

Cleopatra's Hello Kitty experience

Cleopatra’s Hello Kitty experience

Dahlings, I am roaming in The Philippines to conduct some biz.

And just for the heck of it – and to annoy Caligula – I flew EVA AIR.  While outgoing flight was regular one, the connecting flight was a “Hello Kitty” theme.

Actually, we all know I am not THAT shallow. I chose the airline for price – it was almost 50% cheaper than what United were offering – and time – EVA was one of the quickest to get to Manila from Houston.

It was my first time time flying EVA and was impressed.  I was expecting bare bones budget but what I got was equivalent or better that what I get on United. The FAs were keen, attentive and friendly. My food was presented well and for airline food, tasty and a bit spicy. As for leg room, I didn’t feel too cramped like I usually do when flying United and the plane was new and well kept. The In flight entertainment was ok but nothing to rave over but there again, I have given up relying on airlines to entertain me. I plan on being unimpressed and bring along my own media which in this case, was an audiobook. Continue reading..

Oranges are not the only fruits

Picture from The Orange show

Pictures from The Orange show. One of Houston’s unique attractions

Following on from the HOA battle with the dinosaurs in Sugarland, I decided to go and re-check out Houston’s batshitterycrazy scene and places associateed with ‘The Orange show‘.

I took Patricious just to get him off his Xbox but I pre-warned him that what he will see, I may not have any explanation about why they did it. So off to 2401 Munger Street, we went – $5 for me but free for kids under 12. As expected I could not explain why or what this entire thing is about. Something about someone who liked oranges and collected random bits of stuff. I think Patricious now understands that sometimes people are just crazy but hey, no one was harmed in the making of whatever the orange show is supposed to be. Continue reading..

Giving their regards to Broadway : Hotel fines guests for leaving ‘stinking hovel’ review on Yelp

Basil, Patron Saint of Hoteliers

Across the Atlantic to Blackpool in North England, where the Broadway Hotel has apparently charged £100 to the credit card of a  couple who left a terrible review on Yelp. [Telegraph].

What a way to get PR where they called it a ‘stinking hovel. Alas there are other reviewers on Yelp that are not to positive about their experiences. For example:

When we arrived at the hotel , you could see the dirt on the carpet all through the hotel, but I thought well I’m not sleeping on the floor so just ignored it, we went into the tiny room x unpacked our cases…… Went out x about, came back around 10pm x went for a sleep it had been a long day. Fire alarm went off so had to get up x see wat was going on, nothing, nobody to be seen, so went back to bed, first thing around 7. Ish, fire alarm again , went off x on again , 4. Times, I went to top of stairs to shout to reception that there was no hot water, the man told me the fire alarm was going off because of steam from shower..lol.. Had to laugh coz the hot water was not working, he said the boiler went out during the night… I will fix it he said…half a hour later,,, still no hot water, so no shower for me…

If this sounds similar, it is : see our post “Yelp me if you can, I’m feeling down” about a NY State B&B that tried this. Except previously the Yanks tried a $500 fine. Good to see competition and prices for bad reviews coming down.