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Reviewing the Reviewers

Roam's Janus: God of beginnings and transitions.

Roam’s Janus: God of beginnings and transitions. He has two faces, one to the past, the other to the future.

Just as there are two sides to every argument, so there are two sides to every review. One person’s “Must see” is another’s “Get me out of here now”. What may be scenic view with tranquility in the countryside is another’s boring place devoid of nightlife.

Just remember that travel information: What you think you read, maybe not what you get with travel experiences. That Ying may turn out to be a Yang. The Wunderbar maybe a Mein Gott.

Here in Roam, we will try reflect that and attempt to see both sides of a place / attraction.

Recently were looking at booking a cruise and saw mostly positive reviews. However the few negative reviews we saw, made us realize that we would hate that particular cruise offering. Don’t  automatically go with the crowd on the reviews. Be your own independent judge on what you looking for.