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Tired out : run flat tires and repairs

’Got one’s motor running. Heading on the highway. Looking for adventure and whatever comes one’s way’.

Until that is, a dashboard warning said the chariot had low air pressure in a tire. Surprising since the suspect tire was 35 PSI versus the other three having 36 PSI. Having been around since 63 BC, one knows that 35 PSI is not low. No way Scipio!

As I headed back down the highway, looking for adventure (actually heading to the bank), the warning now said 35PSI /34 PSI. Since myerrand was only for a few miles, I decided to persevere. The tires were run flat so one could ride around on them for around 200 miles or so. On the way back, the readings were now 33/32 PSI. What – All FOUR were deflating? Continue reading..