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Brum and dumber : Bobby Jindal and the big uneasy

Bobby Jindal: A Pot calling  a kettle black

Bobby Jindal: Foot in mouth disease

It’s pre-GOP Presidential candidate time and early leaders are jostling for media attention.

We were just thinking, we’ve not heard much from Bobby Jindal who back in January told us to be aware of those Muzzies who have made “no go” zones of Europe. Mentioned as examples were Paris and Birmingham, England’s #2 city in population where locals are known as “Brummies”.

There was a little problem with what Bobby (real name Piyush and who took his nickname from the Brady Bunch) said that left most people living in those cities scratching their head: There are no such designated no go areas.

We can think of a few reasons why Birmingham would not be your top choice to visit in the UK, but concerns about it being it being a Caliphate of the West Midlands is not one.

Ever willing to take a look at the houses of a stone thrower, Bobby is the Governor of Louisiana. So what has happened in the Pelican State under his leadership?

New Orleans residents protest for MORE police.

We don’t need to look too far when we look at the star attraction of Louisiana, New Orleans where armed robberies were up 37% in 2014.

N’Orleans has always had a reputation for being a wild town with a higher crime rate compared to most other Main US cities. When the Caesar family last visited, we were warned by out B&B host, to stay very close to certain streets in the French Quarter. While there were hired a guide to take us around and while in a cemetery, he confronted some potential robbers who were scouting us out.

In what made the news also in January was a story about a few locals getting together to produce signs to get more police in the French Quarter.

What does Mr Jindahl have to say about the 2014 crime statistic jumping under this watch? Nothing. In fact, his administration scaled back the state policing that was provided following a serious incident back in June.

We think that Mr. Jindal would be better off looking at his own back yard before showing his ignorance but there again, he is playing to a particular crowd here not known for enlightened opinion. It is pretty impressive badge of dubious humor when Boris Johnson, populist Mayor of London but a political Buffoon, is able to criticize you.

London Mayor Boris Johnson on Friday described as “complete nonsense” Bobby Jindal’s claims that there are Muslim-controlled no-go zones in Britain, adding that the Louisiana governor is in need of “some sort of gentle education.”

“I was very surprised by those statements” of Jindal’s, the mayor said during a POLITICO Playbook breakfast. “I would be more than happy personally to escort Gov. Jindal around any area that he thinks is a no-go zone, and I will show him what a happy, thriving community it is with people jumbled up in all sorts of ways.”

Verdict of Augustus: Jindal is an major idiot. However, that has never stopped anyone from higher office and so it would be unsurprising it he goes further.

As for New Orleans, take special care. When the residents of the Big Easy are big uneasy, it is time to take note.

Where’s Waldo? In jail hopefully. : Waldo Police ticket racket is busted

US301-Legalized Highway robbery with two towns singled out by AA as "Traffic Traps".

US301-Legalized Highway robbery with two towns singled out by AAA as “Traffic Traps”.

Highway 301  runs through Florida just South East of Jacksonville. From Baldwin to Hawthorne, it is notorious for it’s issuing of speeding tickets. Two towns in particular – Lawtey and Waldo – are infamous for their overzealous ticketing, so much so that AAA officially declared them “Traffic Traps” : The only two cities in the United States to have such a declaration.

Per AAA site:

“Traffic Trap” – AAA condemns traffic enforcement measures and practices which are designed to raise revenue rather than prevent crashes or where there is evidence that enforcement is not justified by sound engineering principles. AAA particularly condemns the use of traffic traps which involve unfair, unethical or illegal law enforcement tactics or traffic control devices, as well as the use of speed measurement devices on roads with speed limits appreciably less than warranted by sound engineering principles.

Under “Traffic Traps” AAA says about Lawtey and Waldo:

“These two small Florida communities are located on U.S. Highway 301 situated about halfway between Jacksonville and Gainesville and still depend on revenue generated by traffic tickets to help meet their annual budget”

AAA is so outraged, it even paid for billboards to warn motorists traveling down 301 to beware that they are approaching these towns. Continue reading..