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Lights, camera, craption: That’s entertainment?

Modern day In flight entertainment

On my flight back to the US from LHR, we had a new Boeing 767-300. Great plane which on first impressions of the IFE, (In flight entertainment) looked as if it had lot of selection.

However, after watching 3 IFE movies that progressively went from bad to worse , I desperately need to moan and get my misery off my chest.

Movie #1 was “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. I loved the original Planet of the Apes series and films, but this was “Yawn of the Planet of the Apes”. I did not like it and was pleased to fall asleep towards the end.

Movie #2 was “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn. I hated it and could not empathize with the main character, Christopher McCandless, who was messed up by his father and so goes off to live in Alaska without much planning. I just thought the character was an idiot. (I just looked up IMDb and it has 8.2 rating: Feck me..)

Movie #3 was “Noah” with Russel Crowe as the main character. I couldn’t believe this actually made it to a film.  I was appalled that some major stars – Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly (I used to have a crush on her) and Emma Watson – actually appeared in it. Noah was one of the worst movies I have seen. What is up with the rock monsters?

Unable to take any more, I turned it off and watched the in flight map instead. It was far more entertaining.