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Kat me if you can

Dahlings, I’m just looking at my photographs from my Philippines jaunt. On the final flight back it was Hello Kitty on Steroids. The flight over just had graphics on the outside.

As you can see. Hello Kitty Seats, food, Attendants and even in the restroom, there was no escaping it just like you said Caligula. I loved it.

Ciao for now,

Beware : the Hello Peril


Ah, how cute….

EVA Airways has a new service going from IAH to Taipai where the ENTIRE plane is an “Hello Kitty” theme.

The jet exterior: “Hello Kitty”. The cabin : “Hello Kitty”. The seats: “Hello Kitty”. The food : “Hello Kitty”.

It goes without saying that their EVA website is all “Hello Kitty” where it even gives biography’s of the lovely cuddly characters. How cute.

My ARSE it is. I’ve got uncontrolled air rage just thinking ’bout this and I haven’t even stepped foot on the aircraft.

Being stuck on this stupid fecking aircraft sitting on stupid seats, eating stupid cutey food is my worst nightmare.Even the toilet is: “Hello Kitty” so you can’t even take a crap to get away from this crap.

What is more is you’ll stupid fecking price premium to fly this.You’d be crazy to book this and I should blood well know !

Oi EVA,  I’d rather jump off the Tarpeian Rock than fly this shite.


Kitty Air

The plane..

The seats, pillows, toilets..

The food..

The food..