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GroundHog Day 2: It will be a bit nippy

The biting truth

The biting truth : copyright channel300.com

Dahlings, Just as I finished telling you about Gobbler’s Knob, there is another story about Groundhog day.

This time it is in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, where apparently, word must have got around Rodent community about dangers of Mayors and their murderous handling.

From the DailyMail.

A mayor in Wisconsin has learned a valuable lesson about his city’s weather-predicting critter: Don’t get too close.

Jimmy, the official groundhog in Sun Prairie, bit the mayor’s left ear during the 67th Groundhog Day celebration on Monday.

A handler was holding the rodent next to 41-year-old Jonathan Freund’s face when it promptly launched an attack. Footage of the incident shows Freund flinching back and wincing.

Oh dear but it goes to show that Groundhogs are smart creatures. Never trust a politician.

So what about the weather? Sun Prairie Jimmy predicted an early spring . Gobbling Knob Phil on the other hand, predicted a long winter.

Which only goes to show that both kinds of rodents – Groundhogs and politicians – cannot be relied upon for their predictions.

Ciao for now,

Groundhog day : six weeks of more freezing ahead

Feb 2nd Groundhog day.

Dahlings, Feb 2nd is Groundhog day at Gobbler’s Knob* PA , a tradition that has been going on since 1887. Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow this year, six more weeks of winter is the prediction.

According to AccuWeather, it says Phil and his ancestors has an 80 percent accuracy rate. More accurate than the recent NY National weather forecasters.

It is good to see there is no mention about Phil coming to bodily harm unlike Feb 2nd 2014, where Bill DeBlassio, Mayor of NYC, dropped a groundhog in Staten Island Zoo.

The poor rodent died from injuries and a cover up ensured. First cover up was that it died. The second cover up was that he was really a she which come to think of it in New York, is pretty common.

Staten Island Zoo officials went to great lengths to hide the death from the public — and keep secret the fact that “Chuck” was actually “Charlotte,” a female impostor, sources said Wednesday.

The zoo told a few Staten Island Zoo supporters, but claimed the groundhog died of natural causes.
The stand-in was found dead in her enclosure at the Staten Island Zoo on Feb. 9 — and a necropsy determined she died from “acute internal injuries,” sources said.

She had fallen nearly 6 feet when the mayor lost his grip during the Groundhog Day photo op. Sources said her injuries were consistent with a fall.

Wait a minute. What was the song that in the movie Groundhog day that Bill Murray character would wake up to everyday? Oh yes, it was “I got you Babe”. Bill Dahling, you really should have paid more attention to what Sonny and Cher was telling you.

Ciao for now,

* By the way, if you ever visit Britain, don’t expect to say you’ve visited Gobbler’s Knob without people bursting out laughing. Like your “Fanny”, it will not have the same meaning the other side of the Atlantic.