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Bags of trouble

Passengers having evacuated the burning plane pictured with their carry on luggage.

From the BBC news: This is a picture of some of the passengers departing the burning British Airways plane at Las Vegas airport.

They took their luggage down the emergency shute.

How stupid and selfish is that?

I hope I never will be in a situation like that but if there is an aircraft fire and evacuation is ordered, then I will be violently pushing aside any person gathering their baggage if they are holding up my family up or myself from getting off a burning plane. When it comes to a fire, time is a premium.

It is also reported that some of the passengers were bare foot. NEVER travel on airplane with flip flops or take you shoes off before plane is in the air and stable flying altitude. You may need to be stepping on a very hot surface,  broken glass  or metals shards in event of an emergency.

Another thing about the shoes: The come in handy to doling our a good kick to that person blocking your way while they fish out their duty free.

HailItalia airline: Another hail damaged jet has emergency landing

Alitalia plane after getting hail damage : Photo ShaneBEgan

I thought that the smashed up Delta flight 1899 due to hail the size of baseballs, was an anomaly. See Hail to the Chief.

I was therefore, surprised to see the picture of an Alitalia plane on it’s way from Rome to Milan that had to make an emergency landing in Naples. It looked very similar – crushed nose cone.

Not surprisingly some of the passengers decided to take the bus after their experience.