Sugar and Tweets

We finally got around to joining where we are looking forward to being booted off planes.

After setting up our account, it suggested we needed a first tweet. Being reincarnations from ancient history, we were a bit befuddled by this modern technology but even we understood to post 160 characters.

So with the help of Claudius, We tried adding the main characters of Roam “Julius, Trajan, Cleopatra, Julius, Hadrian, Claudius, Alexandria, Nero “. Twitter said it counted 69 characters. We counted 8.

Now suitably confused, we gave up and posted the slogan of ‘The Roaman Empire’:



Head Emperor of Roam. Originally born Gaius Octavius in 63BC, Augustus has great deal of experience running empires, dealing with civil wars, subdueing barbarian tribes and that sort of thing. Currently living in Katy, Texas, Mr Caesar is the architect of modern day Roam with aspirations of starting up a new virtual empire. In his spare time Augustus is a family man.