roads2roam arena full population“Feed them to the lions” captures the rogues, villains and companies that we have taken a special exception to by us or fellow Roamans.

They usually are heinous acts but being petulant characters, we reserve the right to be petty and vindictive. We are Emperors afterall.

They are ones that we feel need the ultimate virtual disposition for their wrong doings: throwing them to the our lions so we can take delight in them being eaten alive by our hungry big cats.


Prior judgments:

  • When an Apple fine is rotten to the core

    There’s the law and then there’s the law. Some of you may have followed the headline of Crystal Tadlock who was busted by United States Customs and Border Protection for the incorrigible crime of bringing in illegal agricultural produce. You could assume that since she was coming from Paris, it was secret stash of some French onions […]
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  • The Summer of our discount tent

    This summer ended up being as Caligula would put it, ‘a complete horrible anus’. It stated going south in June when Mrs Caesar had jewelry and her laptop pilfered after Delta forced her to check it in her hand luggage at the gate at Milwaukee airport. Mrs C was travelling First Class with her dog (which she […]
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  • Things that go bump in the night

    Normally we give a “Feed them to the Lions” verdict after we have carefully weighed up the evidence of a situation brought to our attention but in this case, we are declaring it upfront with United and their involuntary bumping policy or as they call it, “involuntary boarding denial”. ‘Involuntary boarding’, my imperial arse. This Sunday […]
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  • Mind the Gap

    With 127k miles on the clock, my 2010 runabout was courting some major repairs. I’ve been topping up the AC more frequently now as there is a slow leak happening and with summer rapidly coming up, I needed to do something about it.  Besides, the poor old thing is looking a bit battered having survived a deer hit, […]
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  • Washing and rinsing at Camp Clinton

    We at Roam love camping, so was surprised to see American Camping Association (ACA) on the list of organizations that paid  to hear speeches from Hilary Clinton. In fact, theirs was the last one before she declared as a Presidential candidate. Now curious,  I decided to take a deeper look into the ACA. From their website: […]
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  • French air strike strands Easter get aways

    And what a week it has been. The Brussels bombing was awful news but we will talk about this elsewhere. However, some things are European business as usual such as air traffic control in France going on strike around a holiday. AGAIN. For those new to Roads-2-Roam, this is all too familiar pattern and covered our […]
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  • Not responsible for broken windshields? Oh yes you are..

    Driving home from work, I noted a truck ahead of me which had a warning sign on it. Being curious I came up close to read what it said Big letters WARNING. Smaller letters “STAY BACK 200 FT” with “NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN WINDSHIELDS”. However, the stupidity is that you’d need to be closer  that 200 […]
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  • Volkwagen : smoking guns

    Roads-2-Roam was waiting for VW’s side of the scandal to make a call but some recent internal news leaks are very compelling against Volkswagen. Two separate German ‘serious’ newspapers have identified sources that say VW knew about this many years ago but did nothing. They held out until they were busted recently. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung […]
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  • He ain’t nothing but a hound dog

    Some people deserve to get named and shamed. Ahmed Mohammed is one such shyster. NBC run a story with video clip of his overcharging tourist for hot dogs – up to $30 in some cases – and short changing others. To make it worse, he is doing this outside the World Trade Center. For starters, NYC ordinance says […]
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  • France : A Land of Striking Beauty. A Land of Striking Workers.

    Il est avril en France, Le soleil brille / It is April in France and the sun shines brightly. The flowers are blooming, lovers are walking hand in hand. What a better way to take in Paris, than go up in the Eiffel Tower. Except you can’t. Why you ask, because the workers of the Eiffel […]
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