• GDPR at SPQR

    For our European readers out there, our privacy policy of  Roads-2-Roam has been upgraded from ‘mild apathy’ to ‘complete apathy’. What this means is that we don’t care enough about you to even want to track you plebs.
  • When mutant geeks attack !

    One thing we hate about running Roam is having to continually fight against barbarians attempting to breach our site. While we have the Aurellian firewall run by the brave Praetorian Guard, this weekend we are going to have to look at an apparent attempt malware attempt. I say apparent as we don’t believe the company […]
  • Failure to start : so called ‘insane travel kickstart’ ideas look like non-starters

    A marketing professional once gave me a bit of sage advice “Be careful of people who tell you there is niche in the market. Instead, you need to ask if there is then a market in the niche”. I thought of this after reading this fox travel article – originally souced fromYahoo travel – “Insane travel Kickstarters […]
  • Let ME entertain you : Trend in In flight entertainment systems

    A trend in inflight entertainment  (IFE) is for the airlines to remove the back seat  systems and replace them with entertainment delivered over the airplane’s wifi system. The passenger will then connect to the server with their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) choice. This will reduce costs for the airlines in that it will reduce weight (cheaper fuel) – […]
  • BlaBlaCar is a Ja Ja Ja : App for digital hitching

    ‘BlaBlaCar‘ is an interesting idea that literally is part of the Sharing economy.  It is an web based business that you use for sharing a car journey with someone where you contribute to the costs. It is a form of digitial hitch hiking. From Bloomberg: People who sign up to drive on BlaBlaCar offer rides to passengers in […]
  • Shot down in flames: Mobile phones batteries and fires

    FoxDFW reports a story of a Samsung Galaxy s4 phone placed under a pillow getting so hot it melted the plastic and scorched the bed clothes. “The whole phone melted” said her dad, Thomas. “The plastic, the glass. You can’t even really tell that it was a phone.” Tolfree says her phone slipped under her pillow as […]