Showering me with (hot and cold) Love

1960-PSYCHOThis morning, I jumped in the hotel shower and darn nearly scalded myself. This was a power shower that almost blasted me out of the tub, and every knob I turned, took it from too hot to freezing cold. Needless to say, it was a quick shower with a mix of Ahh, to ohhh exclamations.

I’ve not been having much luck with hotel showers recently especially when I’ve ended up with accessibility rooms that had a shower only.

In one  Crown Plaza, the shower head would slide back down every time I raised it to head height. Since my family were already unpacked and staying for one more night, we just lived with it. I did say something to the hotel desk when I checked out, but since I was otherwise satisfied with the stay, it was along the lines of hey you may want to get it fixed.

The other was in a pretty high end hotel and when I went to use the shower, the hose was split. There is no way anyone had used that room in a long time. Since I was already cutting it fine to get to my work appointment with no time to get it fixed, I had to improvise and  use a cup to capture the water spray, to wash my hair. I was going to complain to front desk but the check out line was long and I checked out over the phone. Add this to what I thought we extortionate charges for parking in a city that has a ton of space, the decision was not to bother again with that hotel.

Next week I stay at another hotel: “Bates Motel”. Anybody heard of it?


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