San Antonio : You Kid me not !

A friend of Roam, Saladin, asked us “What is there to do in San Antonio with Kids?”. They will be staying downtown during spring break / mid-March. We should have asked them how long they were going, but we presumed it is a long weekend.

For Kids, the key thing to do is the Riverwalk. While this is without doubt a tourist trap, it is a good one to see. Take a river trip and consider eating there. Food may not be great but it is for that atmosphere of it: Sitting at an outside table watching the river traffic go by is an experience especially for a young mind. Also note that there are river taxis that you can catch from the hotels situated near the riverbank. These are fun and a novelty. 

Speaking of atmosphere, the next recommendation is to go up to the top of Towers of America. The views from the top are spectacular. There is a shop at top where you can buy snacks/drinks but there is an option to eat at the restaurant. The neat thing is that it revolves. Since you are up there anyhow, this may be a memory worth considering. At the base of the tower is the 4D  IMAX which is a Imax film about Texas but an interactive one. We will not spoil the surprise by saying any more but Augustus’ kids loved it.

Of course for the Alamo City, how could we forge the Alamo itself ! REMEMBER THE ALAMO. It is a great trip but in our opinion, one that should be for older kids. Younger kids may not get it.

Around the Alamo is then the other tourist stuff – Ripley’s believe it or not etc. They are worth considering albeit may ticket prices may hurt a bit for a family. More for the Adults, but since it is near the Alamo, check out the Menger Hotel –go inside and see the turn of the century decor. There are some items and photo’s from Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough riders. There is a vintage model shop worth seeing.

In downtown, there is also the Children’s museum. Great for smaller kids but beware, the building is relatively small and can feel crowded inside during busy periods.

Outside downtown, there are other attractions to consider.

  • San Antonio Zoo is great where our favorite is the hippo exhibited. The zoo is located next to Breckridge park where you can walk around the river or take the children train ride around Breckenridge park. Near to the zoo,  another recommendation is the Japanese garden: The kids will love the massive Carp that swim inside the waters. Speaking of which, there is a Japanese restaurant within the garden where I am pleased to say, their sushi is not from the aforementioned fish ! Just off Breckenridge is the Witte Museum. (We Recommend booking tickets ahead) which is a stop on the train ride.
  • Further afield we have Six flags fiesta texas:  which opens for spring break. Plan for queues but note is has option to ‘upgrade’ to bypass those. The location is i10/1604 near La Cantera. La Cantera is a shopping magnet for this interested in such things. (Emperor Augustus is not !). Other activities would be Seaworld but we in Road2-2-Roam are not fans of that corporation.
  • Outside San Antionio, and you want day trips, there is Fredericksburg (Recommended for Pacific War museum) and San Marcos (Outlet store @ I10N exit 200).

Also around San Antonio, there are many opportunities to visit caves:

Have Fun !


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