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Oranges are not the only fruits | Roads-2-Roam.com

Oranges are not the only fruits

Picture from The Orange show

Pictures from The Orange show. One of Houston’s unique attractions

Following on from the HOA battle with the dinosaurs in Sugarland, I decided to go and re-check out Houston’s batshitterycrazy scene and places associateed with ‘The Orange show‘.

I took Patricious just to get him off his Xbox but I pre-warned him that what he will see, I may not have any explanation about why they did it. So off to 2401 Munger Street, we went – $5 for me but free for kids under 12. As expected I could not explain why or what this entire thing is about. Something about someone who liked oranges and collected random bits of stuff. I think Patricious now understands that sometimes people are just crazy but hey, no one was harmed in the making of whatever the orange show is supposed to be.

More batshittery at the Orange show

More batshittery at the Orange show

As someone from tripadvisor (Orange show rated 4 out of 5 overall) who hated it said “An insight into a deranged brain” whereas someone on the opposite review spectrum declared it “The restored brainchild of visionary entrepreneur who turned out to be a folk artist! “. Take your pick. I’m with the former.

Next on our day out in the baking August sun was to wander was “Smither park” which is adjacent to the Orange Show Monument. We understood this better one. Smither park is free and at the time we visited it is still work in progress. In fact, there was one artist with the orange hair working on putting ceramic tiles onto her lizzard. (Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it but it is that kind of place..).

Smither's park : new addition to Orange show stable of art

Smither’s park : new addition to Orange show art stable.

Next up on our folk art education was “The art car museum“. For those who don’t know, the Art car parade is an annual celebration unique to Houston. If you have not seen it, take a look at their website. Next one is going to be April 9th 2016. Meanwhile, for those who cannot attend, the museum is a lesser alternative.

This we liked and could empathize with. Located at 140 Heights Blvd , Houston the museum is free but accepts donations. However, we lucked out in that August 30th was last day of this season and fresh exhibit is planned to re-open in September.

Houston's Art Car Museum.

Houston’s Art Car Museum.

Finally, after all this culture, Patricious asked when we were going home. Pressed on it, the reason was was he wanted to play Xbox with his friends.
One more stop ..The Beer can house.  The what? A house decorated by beer cans. Do I have to ? Yes.

5-Beer can house

Not much to say about this except as the name says it all. $5 to get in where it is only open Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5:00.

By now both of us were alternatively cultured out so we drove back. Surprisingly, I had a craving for a beer. Can’t think where that came from. Hm, what can turn that can into I thought. I know..the trash.




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