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Nut$ and bolt$

Dahlings, it is story that refuses to die. Am I going to tell you a beautiful life story of someone overcomes adversity to prevail against all odds?

Heck no. I intend to talk about “Nutrage” fiasco. Heather Cho is still in jail so what can be new?

From the BBC, the latest is that that flight attendant who initiated it all by not understanding Macademia etiquette , is suing Korean Air Lines.

Ms Kim’s civil lawsuit, filed in New York City, is seeking compensation for damage to her career, reputation and emotional wellbeing.

This will be an interesting case as Ms Kim was not the actual person who was booted off the plane: it was her boss, chief purser Park Chang-Jin. He was the one forced to grovel.

There is a clue here.

 They said the airline had not responded to Ms Kim’s attempt to settle her claim privately.

Maybe they will offer some KAL travel vouchers.

Ciao for now,


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