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No 72 Virgins for you: Train massacre foiled by brave passengers | Roads-2-Roam.com

No 72 Virgins for you: Train massacre foiled by brave passengers

US Airman Spencer Stone leaving hospital Photo: Reuters

It is fantastic news about the passengers who overpowered the ISIS terrorist on the French train.

More of the story is coming out where not only were the US young men heroes for tackling the gunman, but there is a 28 year old French banker, who had wrestled away the Kalishnikov before the gunman pulled out his luger to continue his attack. The banker was shot in the chest where he is now in intensive care but in “serious but stable” condition. We wish that person (who wishes to remain anonymous) a speedy recovery

The bravery of all these men prevented a bloodbath. These are true heroes where we tend to overuse it for anyone wearing a uniform.

A Hero should be used exclusively for heroic actions.

In older day of Rome, the men would be awarded the Civic Crown (corona civica) which was made out of woven oak leaves to form a crown. It was reserved for Roman citizens who saved the lives of fellow citizens by slaying an enemy on a spot.

The other thing coming out is how the Moroccan terrorist wannabe was allowed to move around Europe when he was known to Intelligence Agencies and was on their “Person of Interest” list. Not only that but he had been fighting in Syria with ISIS. From the Daily Telegraph:

Sophie David, a lawyer who assisted him after his arrest in the northern French city of Arras on Friday following the attempted attack, told local newspapers that he had twice been convicted for drug dealing in 2013.

By the time he moved in 2013 to the southern city of Algeciras, where he frequented a radical mosque and associated with people known to have links with extremist groups, Spanish intelligence had identified him as a security threat.

The Spanish flagged him up to French intelligence in February 2014 and warned that they believed he was planning to move to the Paris area to join a friend.

It was then he was listed as a security threat in France, which meant that if police checked his identity or he produced his passport to enter or leave the Schengen area, it would automatically be flagged up to other European countries.

The alarm was sounded when he went through passport control in Berlin on May 10 this year to board a Germanwings flight to Istanbul. He is then believed to have crossed from Turkey into Syria, where he could have been trained by Isil or other terrorist groups.

After his arrival in Istanbul, French intelligence lost track of his movements, but informed their Spanish counterparts on May 11 that he had travelled to Turkey, according to French sources.

They responded on May 21, saying he had left their territory and had been living in Belgium for several months.

A French police source told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper that Spanish intelligence had been slow to update the French and other European authorities: “It’s astonishing that the Spanish did not indicate earlier that Khazzani had left their territory.”

French security sources claimed he had never entered France. However, he may have done so without their knowledge, a police source admitted to the Telegraph.

This was one of the reasons why Britain did not join the Schengen agreement where travelers are not required to show their passports when they cross borders between 26 European countries. Wake up Europe, you need to get serious about the threat from ISIS.

As for the three young US men, this will make an interesting “You’ll never guess what happened during our vacation” story. Saw Eiffel tower, stopped off in Amsterdam, captured a terrorist..

Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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