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Your Bad Trip Guide | Roads-2-Roam.com

Your Bad Trip Guide

20140913-104203.jpgToday, I had to reset the home screen layout on my iphone and Apple maps is back on my front page. The first thing I did was to move that stupid piece of software to my last screen in order to never use it again.

Apple maps is like taking LSD : every now and again, they will both take you on a bad trip.

Strike one was Apple Maps directing me on a 7 mile journey to a specific main street bank only for it to be another bank. Ok banks get bought so I excused that instance.

Strike two: it showed me the location of a major auto part store that turned out to be a Mexican restaurant. The problem was that it there was no way to make it another store before they’d closed for the night. I needed a particular main headlight bulb as it had just gone out.

Putting that behind me, I resolved to use Google maps instead going forward.

Over time I forgot about this and some months later, I used my phone to plan out a cub scout event not remembering my bad experience with Apple maps.

Strike three.  The software said it going to be a good 45 minutes and since it was now San Antonio rush hour, I left early.

San Antonio Police Depot according to Apple Maps

San Antonio Police Depot according to Apple Maps

When I get near to the final stages, something didn’t seem right. I  were expecting to see a building not a gravel road. Look again at the map, that darned software had misunderstood an actual street address and taken me to a fictions location. It has taken me to Pue Road instead of Prue Road. Instead of a major police depot, there was a freaking hedgerow.

Cursing, I opened the google maps and it showed me where I should be: a 15 minute drive from my original location. So back through rush hour again I went, in order to catch the final stages of the presentation to the scout den.

Unable to delete Apple maps, the only option is to move it to the last page.

I think I figured out why Apple Maps is so bad. The software is likely written by same people as the Starbucks Barristas : They do it because they like F*#$ing with you !


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