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“Knock me down with a feather, Terror Heather.” : Song list for Heather Cho | Roads-2-Roam.com
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“Knock me down with a feather, Terror Heather.” : Song list for Heather Cho

Nero's Spotify playlist for Heather ChoCleopatra has taken great delight in writing about the rise and stratospheric fall of Heather Cho, ex-Senior VP of Korean Air Lines. The more story she told, the more songs came into my head.

Well, Boppety bop. Ringy ding ding. Kerrang !

Here are my songs (+Youtube) that communicate to me, the attributes of the Heather Cho story.

  1. Sorry seems to  be the hardest word by Elton John.
  2. RESPECT by Aretha Franklin: This link is to the Blues Brothers version ! Fantastic film, fantastic songs.
  3. You’re so vain by Carly Simon : This probably should be #1 song to summarize Heather. 
  4. Satisfaction by a (very young) Rolling Stones: I can’t get Cho, Satisfaction...
  5. Evil Woman by ELO.  btw, Jeff fantastic gig in Hyde Park
  6. Cry by Godley and Creme: Maybe G&C not so well known in US but you may know them from 10cc. Their video is worth watching.
  7. Peanuts by The Police –1979 video that demonstrates the energy of The Police as 3 piece band.Just look at Sting and reflect and how busy his baseline is while he sings – You try doing that !
  8. Aint too proud to beg : The Temptations. Classic Motown sound with the multi-octave David Ruffin on vocals. I am a major fan of the Funk Brothers who were unsung hero’s behind much of the success of Motown. This is a cut down backing version of the actual single.
  9.  Nutbush city limits : By Ike and Tina Turner: Fantastic guitar riffs in this. Strangely when I ran this past some friends, they had not heatd of it . WHATT !!!! This is a classic.
  10. Shout by Isely Brothers. For nostalgic reasons, I include prefer Animal House version by Otis Day and the Knights who don’t really exist. [cough]
  11. Crazy : Aerosmith. Love that opening !
  12. The bitch is back : second song by Elton John. IMO, this was when Reg was at his prime.
  13. You’re no good : Linda Ronstadt. If you can get over the fashions of 70’s clothes and hair, then this is raw musical talent jamming away and having fun.
  14. Evil ways : Santana. Surprising thing is that this is from, 1969.
  15. I ain’t missing you at all  by John Waite. To be honest, I didn’t like the song at the time it came out but I guess time is a greater healer. It is nevertheless apt for this situation.
  16. Go your own way  by Fleetwood Mac: Premier league musicians where this video highlights the skills of Lindsey Buckingham, their main male vocalist and lead guitarist. I so much enjoy watching an animated Mick Fleetwood thrashing around his  drumkit.  Reminds me of ‘Animal’ from the muppets but not so good looking.
  17. Truth hit everybody : The Police. This was a song off their first album “Outlandos d’amour” which was the fourth ever record I bought. Post-punk and so much energy ! 
  18. God save the queen: Sex Pistols. Oh my. This song is history in itself it that it shocked Britain out of it’s musical stupor. The SP song were terrible for musical talent, likability or ability to act, but the SP’s did facilitate some  good ‘pop’ songs that somewhat stand test of time.

For those with Spotify see  songs for “Nut rage”: Honor of Heather Cho – artists may vary.

Ah so many good songs, I’m going to listen to them again !


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