Kids toy banned as a weapon of gas destruction

The despicable me 2 fart blaster.

The ‘Despicable me 2 fart blaster’ is now on the do not fly list

Bloody airport security. Wot they gonna confiscate next eh? Fart guns that’s wot !

Yeh, that’s wot ‘appened to little Leo Fitzpatrick aged 3 when his Minions ‘fart blaster’ not allowed on flight as it has a trigger where rules classify it as replica weapon.

Oi Security at Dublin Airport. Bugger Off and catch real security threats like those terris’ts pretending to be Grannies.

PS: I don’t know about kids toys but I know some people (Clodius – I’m talking to you) whose real life flatulence would count a chemical warfare especially on a plane.

PPS: Walmart has the offending item for $16.99. For an optional $2.00 you can get a 2 year warranty. How useful is that !