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In the event of a water landing: Mom cleaning up seat after ‘todler accident’ causes JetBlue flight to return to gate | Roads-2-Roam.com
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In the event of a water landing: Mom cleaning up seat after ‘todler accident’ causes JetBlue flight to return to gate

"Manneken Pis in Brussels" licence :  CreativeCommons.org Myrabella.

“Manneken Pis in Brussels” licence : CreativeCommons.org Myrabella.

Trajan was initially a bit perplexed on the story hitting the interweb about JetBlue and how a Flight attendent treated a mother whose 3 year old daughter needed to go potty while it was queued up on the Tarmac before taking off.

The story was that a Mom was refused permission to take her 3 year old daughter to the restroom and ordered to stay put in their seat. The tot ended up wetting herself and when mother stood up the clean it up, the FA called into the pilot who turned the plane around to return to the gate, announcing over the intercom that there was a “non-compliant” passenger on board and they were bringing her to security.

The good news is that she was not arrested and allowed to stay on the flight. It turned out that a fellow passenger was an off duty Pilot and stood up for the mother. The other piece of the information to put some context to the story is that the plane had already waited 30 minutes on the Tarmac and the airport was JFK, a busy airport.

We see both sides:

  1. The FA whose responsibility is to keep passengers seated as anytime the flight could be taxing for takeoff. In fact on a recent International flight, we saw one Idjiot stand up while taxing down the runway to open the overhead to get something out of his bag. The FA screamed down the Tannoy “SIR SIT DOWN NOW” to which he turned around with a “who me?” look. He quickly sat down as plane started climbing.
  2. The other side is that as a mother, she wanted to not to want to have her daughter sit in pee while in public.

After reading the limited information in the different news sources, we lean towards the JetBlue in our adjudication. The mother should have left her daughter sit in it. Yes, the FA was probably rude but you need to be forceful at times. Sometimes your emergency is not a real emergency and a kid wetting itself  is not the first time this has happened on a plane. It is not enough to get yourself injured in a moving plane.

Crossing your legs and thinking about something else to take your mind of it may be the future of air travel. A proposal by RyanAir to charge for using the toilet was cancelled. However, Ryan Air are looking at removing a toilet or two to replace it with seats. Their ideal will be one toilet per 200 seats.  That will be interesting to say least especially as one target audience for Ryan Air is stag / hen parties (bachelor/bachelorette parties) going to different cities of Europe. Do the people on those parties drink before/during the flight ? Hint this has the same answer to ‘is the Pope Catholic?’. [PS: We are sure Roads-2-Roam will be returning back to RyanAir in the future so remember that name. It is TOO interesting a company !]

Now to come back to JetBlue story, the mother Jennifer Devereaux faired better than Gerard Depadieu the French actor, back in in a similar 2011 incident

Gerard Depardieu’s entourage has said he tried to urinate into a bottle “as discreetly as possible” while on a flight, and said he was “sorry” to have spilt some on the plane’s carpet.

The French actor was caught short on a Paris to Dublin flight after the seat belt sign had been switched on for take-off. With the lavatories closed, the 62-year-old called out “I need to piss, I need to piss”. But the cabin crew said no.

So the corpulent star of Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean de Florette and Green Card decides to take matters into his own hands. It is understood the movie star got out of his seat and tried to relieve himself into an empty bottle at the back of the plane but also peed on the floor.

While the scene may have brought the house down in French cinema theatres, the real-life incident failed to raise a laugh on Tuesday from irate passengers of the Dublin-based City Jet airline; they were told Mr Depardieu’s antics meant the plane would be grounded for two hours while staff cleaned the carpet.

The French star, who was travelling with two companions, was thrown off the flight with his luggage and told to book another one.

[Source: Daily Telegraph, 17th Aug 2011 article by Henry Samuel]

Trajan discussed the Depardieu story with Cleopatra. Cleo said the original story had completely shocked her: she was shocked to find Gerard Depardieu was actually sober.



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