If your crabby and you know it, snap your claws: Blenheim palace gets surreal

Old vs new at Blenheim Palace: An Ai WeiWei make over.

Blenheim Palace: Makeover by Ai WeiWei.

Being a relatively new Winston Churchill fan, I decided to visit Blenheim Palace the place of his birth where he was a grandchild of the 7th Duke Of Marlborough.

Walking inside, I was surprised to see a number of plastic crabs placed in one of the formal rooms.

I was not seeing things where it was one of the exhibits by Ai Wei Wei, the Chinese contemporary artist, that were placed around the palace.

I thought how very apt and wondered if Winston’ Churchill’s”We will fight them on the beaches” speech, was a simply a premonition of the invasion of crustaceans that would one day infest Grandpa’s living room.


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