Holding out for a Nero

NeroRoads-2-Roam is pleased to announce an addition to our Emperor team : Germanicus Claudius Caesar Elvius Jonpaulus Georgio Ringo Edwardo Van Nero.

Nero will joining in the role as Roam’s Music editor, where he is a bit of a musician himself: he wrote a song about Pompeii called “Eruption”.

Nero will also be our leader for Festivals, concerts and music venues.

Watch this space: Coming very soon will be his song lists related to Travel. As Bowie said..

Oh we can be Neroes,
just for one day.


Head Emperor of Roam. Originally born Gaius Octavius in 63BC, Augustus has great deal of experience running empires, dealing with civil wars, subdueing barbarian tribes and that sort of thing. Currently living in Katy, Texas, Mr Caesar is the architect of modern day Roam with aspirations of starting up a new virtual empire. In his spare time Augustus is a family man.