Highway to Hell: A trip up the mountain with a maniac driver

Back seat view of ride to doom

Dahlings, little did I know that I would be following on to my prior article so soon:  the one about a demon attacking an aircraft engine mid flight and the traveler going out of his mind.

Cleo is in Philippines and traveling with a colleague from Manila to our final destination of Baguio city. A car driver was there to pick us up from our Makati hotel and Manila traffic was relatively light. Once out of Manila, the journey took us up the North Luzon highway and the driver followed the speed limits. All seemed to be good. All very pleasant and relaxing.

That is until the North Luzon highway ended and old world Philippine roads began. Since it is the rainy season with the weather forecast was for rain for next 7 days, it also started to rain. However, the rain was really Rain not rain.

The change in roads and weather was the cue for our driver to change gear from cruise to maniac. Overtaking, undertaking. Straight roads, blind bends. School zones, countryside, towns.  Motorbikes, Jeepnies, pedestrians, dogs, cattle all had to obey the tooting command from our car horn to get out of the way.

Even Cleo’s Collegue who comes from an old world country, was mortified with what we were seeing. Visibility was terrible and many oncoming drivers didn’t have their lights. Even when the car’s back end skidded going around bends and we climbed into the hills, the driver did not relent is his mission.

Good news is we got to our destination safe albeit very early.

I now understand why the Philippines is such a religious country: Any moment now, you may be meeting your maker.

Ciao for now, Cleo.


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