‘El bent for Leather: Spanish S&M hotel ordered to be delayed

Torture sign.

Coming soon to a Hotel near you.

Dahlings, I LOL’d after reading  about  a S&M hotel in Spain being delayed by local opposition. From the Telegraph:

The hotel, due to include 20 S&M-themed rooms and a dungeon, was preparing to open last week in a village of 2,500 residents in Valencia, but was prevented from doing so after the mayor of “quiet” Vilafranca, complained.

Set to be called Roissy Castle, the hotel was the brainchild of a local businessman who said he wanted to capitalise on the bestseller’s popularity, according to the Spanish expat newspaper The Local.

“With the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon in full swing, I saw a business opportunity that hadn’t been exploited yet in Spain,” he told the newspaper.

One of the reasons for the opposition, is that it is near a church.

Since Spain is such a conservative country based on conservative Catholic principles, I understand their opposition.

Can you imagine the embarrassment if the local Bishop needed to conduct a Spanish Inquisition and ended up with fur lined handcuffs instead?

Ciao for now, Cleo.


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