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Hawaii Five oh ! | Roads-2-Roam.com

Hawaii Five oh !

Kirsten looking very Sharp !

Kirsten looking very Sharp !

Dahlings, HAWAII NEWS NOW (ok, ok, I’ll stop shouting but that is from their logo) has an exclusive story about a 34 year old Realtor, Kirsten Sharp from Kona Hawaii, who was detained by the FBI for interfering with a flight attendant on a budget airline, Allegiant flight.

Witnesses are saying that Ms. Sharp used an e-cigarette as she entered the aircraft in Las Vegas, and an FA told her to put it out, which she did.

After take off, the same witnesses said Kirsten started vaping again in the front seat and was again told by the FA to put it out. She later crept off into the lav for a secret puff.

Witnesses described Sharp as “drunk and belligerent” on the flight, a characterization she also denied.

“I was just not happy with being treated poorly,” Sharp said.

Witnesses told authorities she exposed her breasts and swore at the flight attendant and threw a crumpled-up half-full soda can at him.

“That is not true. I didn’t mean to throw it at him. I was trying to hit the trash can that was next to him,” Sharp told Hawaii News Now.

Sources said the crew of Allegiant Air flight 1051 moved Sharp and her boyfriend to other seats away from the first row right outside the cockpit and she passed out and slept for the remainder of the flight.

“It was an unfortunate incident to have with the flight attendant,” Sharp said. “However, I do feel that he was very rude to me and there was definitely a lack of manners and etiquette.”

Damn. That sounds like a pretty impressive meltdown. I too, would be upset if I flashed my impressive boobs to a man and he didn’t react.

Sharp’s boyfriend, Bryant Clark of Kona, said he thought the whole incident was blown out of proportion.

“She’s not a criminal by any means,” Clark said. “She’s a sweetheart, she’s a good person. She was tired. She was a little bit grumpy. I think that the flight attendant wasn’t doing things to de-escalate the situation.”

The penalty for interfering with or assaulting a flight attendant could be both a fine and prison time of up to 20 years.

I don’t think Kirsty will go to prison but if she does, her realtor training will allow her to put a positive spin on her new home:

“Old-world charm bedroom large enough for a cozy bunk bed in an upcoming sought after neighborhood. Lovingly maintained bathroom by motivated owner below 2015 sentencing. Super spacious exercise rooms. Run, don’t walk.”

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