Hail to the Chief (pilot)

Wow. This was the damage to a Delta flight 1899 caused by hail the size of baseballs. The flight was going from Boston to Salt Lake City and had to divert to Denver.

Due to the cracks in the windshield, the pilot had to make a ‘blind’ emergency landing relying on the plane’s automatic guidance system.

That is impressive. 

Here is another article on CBS Boston that shows the size of hail that was falling in Colorado. They are rock sized.

Hail that fell on Colorado the night of the plane landing

We are still looking for the name of the pilot as he deserves to be publicly recognized for a job well done.

However, hail damage to an airplane is not that rare. One case earlier this year involved a Brazilian Airbus who had to do an emergency landing in Rio de Janeiro after encountering severe damage after flying through a storm that had hail embedded in it. [see twitter account @vargasmoni

One thing I don’t understand is how come the weather radar doesn’t give feedback about the risk of having hail inside the storm cell. Surely it can be avoided by flying around or above it?