Flybe to the moon

FlyBe airlines : No buttock shots.

Dahlings, I have another tale of someone getting kicked off a flight.

What was it for this time Cleo? It was for taking a picture.  and what’s wrong with that? He took it of a flight attendant. I still don’t get it.  Why was he kicked off for taking a picture of a flight attendant?

It was because he took a picture of her backside with his mobile phone. ..while she was doing the pre-flight safety announcement ! After being asked to remove the pictures, he said he couldn’t so security was called in and off he went.

This all happened on a Flybe flight from Dublin to Cardiff.  From the Irish Independent

“Just before take-off, while staff were going through the safety demonstration, a worker claimed that a man was taking pictures of her. “The individual was asked to remove the pictures.

“He initially refused to, but then said that he wasn’t able to, which is hard to believe. Security staff were then called,” a source said. Airport police were alerted by the crew and the man was taken off the flight, after it had taxied back to the terminal.

A spokesperson for Flybe said: “The matter is now in the hands of the police..

Oh saucy !

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