Farewell Possum’s : Dame Edna final tour

Dame Edna quotesEvery now and again, there comes a must see event that you’ve always wanted to do but you can put off no longer.

I am a big fan of Dame Edna and with Barry Humphries not getting any younger – he is 80 – this is the farewell tour. Assuming Barry doesn’t pop his clogs by then, I really want to see this.

Since the tour is coming nowhere near my part of the US, I must travel.

Here are my choices:

Los Angeles – Ahmanson Theatre 24 January – 15 March
San Francisco – Orpheum Theatre 17 – 22 March
Palm Desert – McCallum Theatre 30 March – 4 April
Toronto – Royal Alexandra Theatre 9 – 19 April
Washington DC – National Theatre 21 – 26 April

I think Mrs Caesar and I are going to be taking a mini-break around this.

Washington in springtime sounds great but we will miss the Cherry Blossom festival which is on April 11.

Decisions. Decisions.

Wherever I go, let’s make sure I pack some Gladiolus instead of my Gladius. Homeland security will not be impressed with such misunderstandings.



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