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Cleopatra's Hello Kitty experience

Cleopatra’s Hello Kitty experience

Dahlings, I am roaming in The Philippines to conduct some biz.

And just for the heck of it – and to annoy Caligula – I flew EVA AIR.  While outgoing flight was regular one, the connecting flight was a “Hello Kitty” theme.

Actually, we all know I am not THAT shallow. I chose the airline for price – it was almost 50% cheaper than what United were offering – and time – EVA was one of the quickest to get to Manila from Houston.

It was my first time time flying EVA and was impressed.  I was expecting bare bones budget but what I got was equivalent or better that what I get on United. The FAs were keen, attentive and friendly. My food was presented well and for airline food, tasty and a bit spicy. As for leg room, I didn’t feel too cramped like I usually do when flying United and the plane was new and well kept. The In flight entertainment was ok but nothing to rave over but there again, I have given up relying on airlines to entertain me. I plan on being unimpressed and bring along my own media which in this case, was an audiobook.

The plane was clean and the toilets on this airplane were immaculate. Even the blankets that you are given a good quality and not the transparent natty rags that you get on the US Carriers.

The only minor negatives was the time at which the flight departed – 00:50 but that was also a bonus in that the trip to the airport was breeze and by the time you got airborne, you were already tired and wanting to sleep and the crowds.

Another minor negative was the fact that it is cheapest way to go to Asia, the plane was full. That being said, the passengers were very well behaved, polite and orderly. You didn’t see anybody hogging the overhead bins or chugging away the free alcohol. If fact it was noticeable that not many people were drinking either wine or beer with their main meal but that may have been the time of day : Who wants a drink at 2:30 or so in the morning.

Back to the crowds, you may want to consider booking ahead some time in advance – not because of the airfare rate but to ensure you get a good seats. I booked 21 days ahead and could only get middle seats going out but luckily got a window seat at the gate. The fair structure was good in that it’s premium economy wasn’t too far off what United wanted for cattle class.

Another advantage of EVA is that is is part of the Star Alliance. Any points you get with EVA can be transferred to others in the alliance such as United or Lufthansa though if your destination is within Asia, you may want to look at making EVA your main airline instead of the other way around. When I look at the map, Taipai airport looks to be a great center point for flying on within Asia. For example, my connecting flight to Manila was less than 2 hours.

Different waiting gates at terminal C of Taipei airport

Gates at terminal C of Taipei airport

As far as airports go, Taipai Taoyuan was a good airport to do a wait over. They have spent some money and thought into doing up the area where EVA flies from C terminal which had themed gates. I was flying from C3 which would you believe it, was an “Hello Kitty” lounge. For longer wait overs, the airport / tourist board puts on a free is an option to take a 1/2 day tour of Taipei.

Bottom line is I will be looking at flying EVA again. It’s costs and location in Taipai make it a great hub. It’s promotion of Taiwan has also got me thinking about spending a day or so in Taiwan before flying on.

However, you need to make sure that if you fly EVA, you are not allergic to kitschy kartoon Kats.

Ciao for now and goodbye Kitty.


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