Delta Skelter : Stuck on the tarmac


Queue of planes waiting to take off at Detroit airport

Dahlings, on the US final leg of our return Asia trip, our plane was stuck on the tarmac at DRT waiting for a take off slot. One hour later, the pilot announced that we were number 9 in line. We had no explanation about the delay but that was the end of the good news.

The real news they wanted to give us was that because of the time incurred, the cockpit crew would be exceeding their Federal limit for flying even if they could take off. The result was the plane returning back to the gate to get another crew.

When back at the gate, I posted this event on facebook and one of my Roam’n friends, Andrewmicus, commented “DELTA = Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport” which cheered me up quite a bit. I like that.

After getting a new crew and having to refuel again, the outcome was the flight arrived at our destination 2.5 hours late.

Still it was good of Delta to express empathy for the delay: Everyone on the plane was offered a complementary cup of water. Thanks..

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