Days when it is a zoo at the zoo

One Trip Advisor review of Houston Zoo - avoid Free day !

One  recent Trip Advisor review of Houston Zoo – avoid Free day !

The other day there was a major brawl in Houston Zoo parking lot between a few mothers that hit the interweb. Fights in Houston parking lots are usually not newsworthy but it does bring up something we have been wanting to talk about – Free days.

Many of Houston’s children attractions – Zoo, Children’s Museum, Houston Museum of Natural Science – run Children’s day or free days which naturally lead to a surge of people taking advantage of it. While it is free, the crowds (and the caliber of the public) that accompany this may ruin your day out. So what are the Free days for places that normally charge in Houston:

While some of these like the Holocaust museum are unlikely to attract the hoi polloi, some areas do so if like me you’d rather pay to avoid the crowds, make note that this.

And this is not just a Houston thing either. Many cities have such free days for museums or their zoos- This post on Trip Advisor gives advice for Chicago free museum days. Here is another about Kansas Zoo free day. And if you still don’t believe us, another on the Bronx Zoo free day.

Finally those who want to see the zoo scrap, here is the local news report.


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