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Dae ya ken Glasgow? Our town by Belle and Sebastian

Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum

Belle and Sebastian have a new album out called “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance“. I love it !

They have also guest authored Our Town: Belle and Sebastian’s guide to Glasgow. This is what singer Stuart Murdoch says about  Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum:-

One of my favourite places in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum. There’s nothing too remarkable or internationally ‘important’ about it. Just a warm and beautifully ornate sandstone castle, built when Glasgow was the second city of the Victoria’s British Empire.

I’ve gone there on and off, on rainy sundays and sunny tuesdays, for the past 30 years. Now we take our wee boy there, and it’s his perfect place to run around and explore. He loves the stuffed elephants and the Spitfire hanging from the ceiling, though he’s a little worried about the velociraptors.

When i get a spare minute i like to drift around the permanent collection, The Glasgow Boys, The Colourists, the tale-end Impressionists. And i inevitably drift up to see Dali’s masterpiece “Christ of Saint John Of The Cross” – Glasgow’s best known painting, some would say a talisman for the city. I, of course, would agree with them. So it’s cloistered up in Kelvingrove, and we protect and admire it like a pearl in a very fine shell.

Other places they write about include Argyle Street, Finnieston and The Sparkle Horse.

Their guide is not a long read but it does remind me that I haven’t been to Glasgow in decades. Glasgow is often overlooked by it’s Eastern sister, Edinburgh. For those not familiar with the geography, they are actually very close to each other: About 45 miles.

Next time I am in Scotland, I will make the effort to go and visit.