Cutting corners

Stupid hotel bed attacking my shins..

“OUCH, that hurt” I said to myself after I smacked my shin on the corner of the hotel bed. If you look carefully, you’ll see The frame juts out quite a bit ¬†from the mattress.

As soon as I saw what caused it, I suddenly remembered the SAME THING happened three times during my prior stay at this hotel: First time was not long after checking in (like now);  second time while getting up in the night to use restroom without turning on the light; a third time was before checking out. My shin was pretty bruised after it all.

Curse you ultra comfortable but evil bed. You are from the dark side.

I have now placed a carrier bag over the corner to warn me which will work while it is light.

As for getting up in the night, perhaps I shall just pee the bed. For my own safety of course..


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