Chinatown is New York’s largest ethnic neighborhood and home to one of the biggest population of Chinese outside of Asia.

Famous for it’s grocery stores, gift shops, fake Rolex and it’s many Chinese restaurants, it is also a great place to visit for the Oriental Festivals. The best time to visit is Chinese New Year in late January/ early February.

As well as Chinese, today the area has many other Asian culture settling here including Malaysian and Vietnamese.

All photographs of Chinatown are courtesy of Tripadvisor.

Address (streets that form the border)
West : Broadway
SW : Worth
SE : Madison
East: Rutgers, Essex
North: Grand, Canal and Broome

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Public Transport

Metro stop : Canal Street subway (Lines R,W,N, Q, 6)

What the reviewers say about Chinatown


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 The Good

Positive comments from TripAdvisor reviewers

dirty, crowded, stinky and Wonderful!

“I loved the culture, the chaos, the sales/negotiating, the authentic food. The people.. Loved all of it.”

“Great place for an adventure to find a “knock off” purse. Vendors are eager to make a sale. There are some “unsavoury” characters, so use caution, but a great place to experience”

snapshot of Yelp positive commentators

“There are over 200 restaurants here so you are lost for choice but can guarantee which ever you pick will be the real deal.There are numerous shops available for tourists to buy gifts to take home ..”

“Go for a laugh a cheap bag anything its great fun. Plenty of places to eat, wander east and watch the live fish just before they are sold, gaze as the police raid yet another store!!!!Funny and free entertainment.”

“A real oriental pocket of the city. Forget lesser fakers like Soho in London, there are people here are do not seem to speak English; it’s a proper community. There are markets with strange looking fish and meat, along with gift shops and restaurants. If you want to see New York, get out and walk; areas like these make up the rich fabric of the city”

 The Bad

Some negative comments from TripAdvisor reviewers

“Feel free to walk through just so you can say you been there…but it’s pretty awful. One of the places you can honestly feel like you may actually have a better version at home…if you have a China Town where you live”.


I went to Chinatown after walking through Little Italy. Every street had a smell of fish & worms which caused me to lose my appetite. All the workers in the store were rude, unfriendly and followed you around like you were going to steal something. No one smiled….

snapshot of Yelp negative commentators

“Go there in order to see how impressive it is but i would not recomend to stay long. People are not friendly, sometime don’t try to speack english with you and some time try to sell you shitty stuff for expensive  prices …”

“Chinatown in New York City is crowded and dirty…..Why do we go here? Well, there are some good deals to be found here. NYC souvenirs can be found here at much lower prices than anywhere else in the city.”

Other Attractions in Lower East Side

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