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Just a sweet Volkswagen from Transmissional dieselania

Trajan has been keeping us up to date with the VW scandal and at the Emperor’s meeting, he briefed us about Matthias Mueller talking over as CEO where he show us a picture of the new guy.

Jeez, within 2 seconds, Cleopatra wanted his number, if he was available but anyhow back to the topic.

The new CEO of Volkswagen :Matthias Mueller who is obviously muelling things over

The new CEO of Volkswagen :Matthias Mueller who is obviously muelling things over.

When I first saw the picture, I was thinking where have I seen him before?

The fact that he was head of Porsche didn’t mean a thing. Then it hit me. Rocky-from-rocky-horror-picture-show

He is “Rocky” from the Rocky horror show – What a perfect analogy!

Not only that, but we have Susan Saradon singing this song that is so VW emission appropriate. All together now: “..Toucha toucha toucha toucha me, I want to be dirty..”


Songs for Volkswagon

Augustus asked me to try and cheer all you Volkswagon owners out there who are fegickt over by the diesel cheating scandal. How about this compilation of Volksmusik relating to emission scandal:

  • Whose sorry now : Connie Francis
  • It wasn’t me: Shaggy
  • I’m busted : Ray Charles
  • Puff the magic dragon : Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Lying Eyes : The Eagles
  • Evil ways : Sanata
  • Purple Haze : Jimmy Hendix
  • All I need is the air that I breathe : The Hollies
  • Blowing in the wind : Bob Dylan

And last but not least..

  • Smoking : Boston

Take it away !

Nero’s “Kate Moss” music compilation

Which is which?Cleopatra’s post and her visual joke implying Kate Moss looks like Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones (I kind of agree) had me thinking of a “Kate Moss” Compilation.

So Roamans and without much ado, let’s start the top 10 in reverse order. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Click the “+” item to drop down the music video.

# 10 West End Girls - Pet Show Boys



# 9 Nice and Easy - Frank Sinatra


# 8 Cocaine- Eric Clapton


# 7 I fought the law - Bobby Fuller Four

#6 Drunken Sailor - Irish Rovers

#5 Girls on Film - Duran Duran

#4 Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy

#3 Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols

#2 Luton Airport- Cats UK

# 1 Oh you Pretty Things - David Bowie

Dae ya ken Glasgow? Our town by Belle and Sebastian

Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum

Belle and Sebastian have a new album out called “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance“. I love it !

They have also guest authored Our Town: Belle and Sebastian’s guide to Glasgow. This is what singer Stuart Murdoch says about  Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum:-

One of my favourite places in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum. There’s nothing too remarkable or internationally ‘important’ about it. Just a warm and beautifully ornate sandstone castle, built when Glasgow was the second city of the Victoria’s British Empire.

I’ve gone there on and off, on rainy sundays and sunny tuesdays, for the past 30 years. Now we take our wee boy there, and it’s his perfect place to run around and explore. He loves the stuffed elephants and the Spitfire hanging from the ceiling, though he’s a little worried about the velociraptors.

When i get a spare minute i like to drift around the permanent collection, The Glasgow Boys, The Colourists, the tale-end Impressionists. And i inevitably drift up to see Dali’s masterpiece “Christ of Saint John Of The Cross” – Glasgow’s best known painting, some would say a talisman for the city. I, of course, would agree with them. So it’s cloistered up in Kelvingrove, and we protect and admire it like a pearl in a very fine shell.

Other places they write about include Argyle Street, Finnieston and The Sparkle Horse.

Their guide is not a long read but it does remind me that I haven’t been to Glasgow in decades. Glasgow is often overlooked by it’s Eastern sister, Edinburgh. For those not familiar with the geography, they are actually very close to each other: About 45 miles.

Next time I am in Scotland, I will make the effort to go and visit.

“Knock me down with a feather, Terror Heather.” : Song list for Heather Cho

Nero's Spotify playlist for Heather ChoCleopatra has taken great delight in writing about the rise and stratospheric fall of Heather Cho, ex-Senior VP of Korean Air Lines. The more story she told, the more songs came into my head.

Well, Boppety bop. Ringy ding ding. Kerrang !

Here are my songs (+Youtube) that communicate to me, the attributes of the Heather Cho story.

  1. Sorry seems to  be the hardest word by Elton John.
  2. RESPECT by Aretha Franklin: This link is to the Blues Brothers version ! Fantastic film, fantastic songs.
  3. You’re so vain by Carly Simon : This probably should be #1 song to summarize Heather. 
  4. Satisfaction by a (very young) Rolling Stones: I can’t get Cho, Satisfaction...
  5. Evil Woman by ELO.  btw, Jeff fantastic gig in Hyde Park Continue reading..

Met your match

Night at Opera Poster: Source IMdb

Night at Opera Poster: Source IMdb

BBC news most shared article is “Metropolitan Opera could go bankrupt in ‘in two years’

The boss of New York’s Metropolitan Opera says it will “face a bankruptcy situation in two or three years” if it does not cut its wages bill.

General Manager Peter Gelb was speaking to BBC Radio 3’s Music Matters programme about the Met’s current funding issues.

He proposed cutting 16% of its $200m (£119m) labour costs by changing work rules for the orchestra and chorus.

Gelb also defended spending $169,000 (£100,000) on a poppy field stage set for the opera Prince Igor.

Unions have already threatened strike action over the proposed pay cuts, which are up for debate before the players’ current contracts expire at the end of July.

What’s this got to do with travel ? Roads-2-Roam recently wrote about attractions of New York City and under the the Lincoln Center, we said the “Met” was home to the Metropolitan Opera Company we said. Well, perhaps it will not be in a few years so we’ll need to note that for future revisions. Continue reading..